Prevention and Treatment of Fish Diseases

How to Prevent Fish Diseases

Water is the main habitat and environment for the fishes that should be maintained at the high quality. The clean environment can keep the fish happy and healthy. So, regularly observe the water quality and replace the certain water portion on time as per guidelines. Here are a few suggestions for major problems of fish diseases:

Ammonia Poisoning

This is not a fish diseases but most of the aquarists face this common problem in their tank. It may cause a high level of stress in the fish and highly affects the health of the fish present in the tank. When you observe the redness in the fish body, gills and fish gasping at the water surface then take immediate action. Test the water condition and replace almost 30-50% of water. It will give immediate relief to the fish. Check the filtration system is installed and again replace the water in the upcoming 24 hours can help resolve this problem.

Keep Clean Tank Habitat

The clean environment in the tank can keep the fish healthy and happy. It is observed that the stressful fish are easily affected by fish diseases as compared to happy fish. Become happy of fish in the tank can create a healthy environment. When you observed any stressed fish in the tank then identify the cause of their stress and fix that as soon as possible. Change the aquarium water on time as per guidelines or instruction. The poor water quality is the perfect condition for the bacterial and fungal infections. A few parasites spread quickly in the poor water quality.

Develop a healthy digestive system

The digestion process in the fish may slow or fast. The slow digestion fish should feed multiple times in a day for better digestion to keep clean habitat. Overfeeding in the fish causes health issues and gives birth to many fish diseases in the tank. A healthy fish digestion system can work better with the good quality of food. The excessive food on the tank bottom should be removed on time before it starts spreading parasites in the tank.

Maintain water temperature

The temperature in the water should be maintained at a particular level. Frequently increase or decrease in the temperature may cause fish diseases in the water. The aquarists might install the automatic heater in the tank to maintain the temperature if required. It is easily available at some popular aquarium store.

Always wear gloves while putting your hands in the aquarium. If you have any wound or physical injury on the hand then avoid putting bare hands in the tank. It also increases the danger of spreading bacterial or fungal infection in the fish tanks. The fish should regularly observe carefully.

How to treat common Fish diseases

There are some common fish diseases in the tropical, sub-tropical, freshwater, and marine water fish species but here are the few deadly diseases that mostly occurred in the fish:

Fin Rot

We already discussed this disease above. Now turn to find some solution to counter these fish diseases. Treatment of this disease is quite tricky. The fray of the fish become brown or gives the appearance like inflammation due to the effect of fungal or bacterial infection. The fish can medication with the maracyn, Methylblue, Tetracyline, or Chloromycetin. These are some medicines to cure the infected fish. But the treatment of the fish should be carried out in the quaterine tank.

Tetracycline is the best cure for fungal or bacterial infection in the tank fish.

Treatment of Bacterial Infections

The bacteria infection in the Clown Loach can easily be noticed in the regular observation. The infected fish should quickly move to the other tank or hospital tank for treatment. The treatment should start as soon as possible to cure the fish diseases. This infection will internally weaken your fish. The fish can be treated with the aquarium salt water. A 3/8 tablespoon of salt may leave in one-gallon water and keep the fish in this solution for 10 -15 minutes. Repeat this process the next day again. You will see the health improvement in the fish. But wait, keep the infected fish in observation for few more days to make sure that it is completely cured and not more infected by bacteria or fungus.

Treatment for Fungus Infection

The fungus infection can easily notice by on the fish body in grayish white color spots. The fish should get the proper treatment after finding on the fish. This infection might physically damage the fish gills, tail or body as well. The fish can be treated in the hospital tank or in other tanks if you have. Saltwater is very effective to treat this kind of infection. The fungus can easily cure with the salt as this is external fish diseases. But in the lack of care, the fish might lose her gills, tail or other body parts as well. Don’t put infected fish in the main tank until completion of treatment.

The tank should prevent the fish diseases by using some additional installation and by following instructions or guidelines. The aquarists need to keep clean their tank and by the regular use of antibacterial and antifungal infection in the clown loach fish. Most of the diseases in the fish counter by the immune system. There are few parasite diseases that can easily counter by the fish immune system. This system properly works only in the happy and healthy fish.

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