Common Tropical Fish Disease

The tropical water fish, Clown loach are prone to catching by fish disease in the lack of care and not regularly maintain of tank water. The loach fish may catch by the diseases described below:

Body Flukes Fish Disease

In Routine Checkup we can easily observe Body Flukes Fish Disease. During Checkup, Discoloration on the scales of the fish can be noticed. The fish also show symptoms if in some cases not observed or in an early stage. The affected fish begin scratching body against the objects. The layer of the mucus covers the gills and body scales. A reddened will show up on fish body scales. A saltwater bath can be the best remedy for this disease.

Anchor Worms

The protuberance of whitish-green threads will appear on fish’s skin during this fish disease. The fish begin scratching against the tank walls and other decorations in the tank. With the use of Inflammation, we can mark points on threads and skin. The Treatment of fish in the early stage is by removing these parasitic physically and clean wound with an antiseptic like iodine or give a saltwater bath.

Clamped Fin

This is not physically appeared specific fish disease for fish. This disease causes bad or poor quality of water in the lack of care. Fins of the fish are folded against the body, not flare out as they should be. The water quality of the aquarium should be done with the good quality of the test kit and change the partial water of the tank. A saltwater bath may solve the most of fungus and bacterial infections.


This is a bacterial infection of kidneys which causes fluid accumulation or renal failure. This problem mainly appears in weakened fish. If the fish disease does not cure before the time then it becomes hard. The treatment should start in the early stage of the fish diseases by replacing water.

Cloudy Eye

The increase of parasites population in the aquarium is the most common cause. It affects the fish eye and fish becomes blind after a certain time. The fish lose the vision after go through this fish disease in the lack of care. The water quality should regular tested by using some good quality of water test kit. The fish will usually recover by themselves within 10-15 days.


This is the main fish disease that most of the aquarium fish face. The fungus on the fish causes a health problem, physical injuries, or danger of other bacterial infection. On the regular observation, you may notice gray or whitish growth in and on the skin or on gills. The fungus will continuously grow If not get treatment on time. The main cause of fungus is the poor quality of the water. The fungus or bacterial infection can be treated by use of some fungicide or antibiotics as per directed by the ventenrian or expert aquarist.

Fin Rot

This bacterial infection spread quickly due to the poor quality of water in the tank. The affected fish can easily identify by the fading color of fins or gills. This bacterial infection majorly targets the fish that face bullying or injured by fin-nipping tank mates. The water quality check is to be performed regularly to avoid this fish disease. For treating this disease add one tablespoon aquarium salt per gallon.

Ich or white spot/ Ick

The fish disease is much similar to a skin infection ich that causes in the fish due to poor diet or habitat. This disease may cause due to lack of care. It can easily appear in on the fish skin or can easily understand through movements or signs from fish. You can notice small white spots appear like sugar or sand granules and fish start scratching against tank and decoration surface in the tank. Sometimes fish comes gasping for breath on the water surface.

The infected fish should transfer in the quarantine tank and treated with the aquarium salt. Probably, You can use other antibiotic and antibacterial medication to treat the fish. Keep in observation this fish for a few days even after recovery for confirmation.

The main reason for spreading diseases in the tank or aquarium is the poor quality of water. Therefore, The water should replace on time as per guidelines or instructions in the proper portion for the reason that replacing the water is necessary because it keeps the water oxygenated. A filtration system can install in the tank to maintain the high quality of water. The tank should regularly treat with the antibiotics and antibacterial to avoid spreading of infection in the tank fish.

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