Clown Loach Fishes – Habitat, Diet and Behavior

Clown Loach Fishes Habitat

Clown Loach Fishes are native to the Islands of Borneo and Sumatra in Indonesia. The species prefer to inhabit in clear stream environments. These are commonly found in the floodplains of hilly areas. The biannual monsoon flood forces the clown loach fish to move into flood plains or murky or black water lakes or rivers for most time of a year about 7-8 months. The fish prefer to live in water temperature ranges from 25-30 degrees Celsius and a pH of the water should of 5.0 to 8.0. The hardness level of water should lie in 5-12 pH.

These species mainly inhabits river tributaries, but during the spawning period, some fish migrates upstream to smaller tributaries and streams. These clown loach fishes generally prefer a swiftly flowing stream, and their aquarium should be built according to the preferred conditions of habitat. The temperature, pH, and water hardness level changes as the season vary. The fish quickly adapt to the new environment as they spend their most of life in the flooded upstream of rivers.

Diet for Clown Loach Fishes

This loach species is believed to be a carnivore in wild but it often feeds plant food including soft leaves of water plants. The fish feeding is easy as they are not picky about food diets. These Clown Loach Fishes almost eat any type of food in their diet. The fish eagerly feeds on granules, qualitative flakes, frozen dry tablets of feed. The fish also offered some live frozen blood worm, tubifex, and brine shrimps. The plant food in the diet of loach includes cucumber, special tablets, lettuce leaves, peeled squash, and spinach.

Clown Loach Fish also eats snails. If you want to reduce the population of snails in a tank, just leave a clown loach in that tank. These clown loach fishes gladly eat plants and they even bite holes in Echinodorus plants. The plant feed should be available in their diet up to 40% of the total amount. The good quality of food also available on the fish stores or get from an online trading website. The diet of the fish highly affects the fish behavior and health as well. The diet should vary in one or two weeks to taste some different and maintain the quantity of nutrition in fish.

Clown Loach Fishes Behavior

The Clown Loach Fishes have peaceful behavior but still, not recommended to be housed with the small fishes. These fish can’t keep with the small fish because of their carnivorous diet. This fish species might make small fish as their diet. Fish only housed with the few particular tank mates that have specific characteristics. These fish don’t have proper tank mates since they swim slowly in the water. The species can keep with tank mates like kuhli loach, bichirs, ropefish, swordtails, big tetras, and African cichlids.

They do strange things to entertain peoples. The clown loach fish do the various tricks in the water to attract nearby peoples. They are also known as entertaining fish among fish species. Sometimes these species became quite shy. These loach species can easily be housed in the group or pair in one tank. These are comfortable of sharing habitat with other loach fish in one tank. The clown loach is not actually aggressive but can’t keep with the small fish. The fish doesn’t prefer bright light and hide in the plants or behind any other decor in the tank. They generally sleep in caves, holes, or another hiding place available in the tank.

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