Clown Loach Fish – Breeding, Tank Size, Aquarium Setup and Care

Breeding of Clown Loach Fish

The Clown Loach Fish has rarely successful breed in captivity. The male loaches can recognize by their larger and inside hooked instead of straight pointed tail out from the body. The female loaches are smaller and more slender. There are rare or few cases reported of successful breeding of Clown Loach in captivity. There are more chances that the male will not fertilize eggs and eat the eggs before hatching. The loaches found in the trading are wild caught. It is a very rare chance that you will get a captive breed of loach fish species.

This loach species spawn during the rainy season in the wild when river water level raises. The breeding season mostly starts in December lasts until February month. The clown loach fish return to their habitats after traveling 200-300 km. The eggs of the fish may flow and stop in streamside vegetation. The juveniles found in the flooded areas even after the water level starts down. It is quite difficult breeding this fish species in an aquarium. However, a few breeders also get success breeding this species.

Clown Loach Fish Aquarium Setup & Care

These Clown Loach Fish mostly prefer to swim in the middle and bottom layer to tank after they adopt the habitat or tank. These loach species can be kept in groups and a tank requires 75 gallons of water or more. The fish species give their best in the soft to medium water in the dim lighting. These fish requires pristine water and don’t introduce these clown loach fishes to biological immature aquarium setup. The fish species requires good quality of water enriches with oxygen. Good quality ty of filtration system is recommended to introduce to the tank as it reduced the waste and generate high oxygen in the tank.

In addition, you can set up a canister filter or powerheads & airstones in the tank to maintain the proper flow of current for this loach species. The aquarium setup of this species should have appropriate decoration to provide some hiding place for this fish. The clown loach fish also swim in the bottom of the aquarium so, the presence of aquarium provide them homely feeling. The bottom surface of the aquarium can cover with the sand, gravel mix to give an appearance like a natural habitat. The substrate should be so fine that it will not damage the barbels of clown loach while digging.

Minimum Tank Size75 Gallon (284 Litres)
Substrate TypeSand/ Gravel Mix – include large boulders and rocks for cover
LightingLow – dim lighting
pH range6.0 – 6.5
Temperature77 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit
Brackish waterNo
Hardness level5-12 dGH
Prefer water regionBottom
Water movementModerate

These loach species always requires clean and well-oxygenated water. The 30% of tank water should frequently change as per guidelines. While changing of water, make sure vacuum the gravel to remove excess waste or food. Don’t remove the beneficial biofilm from rocks or decorations. The magnet algae cleaner normally clear lot of viewing pane.

Tank Size for Clown Loach Fish

The Clown Loach Fish require tank size more than 20-gallon water capacity. The bottom of the tank should have the fine substrate te at the bottom which does not occur any damage the fish mouth while digging. The decoration also preferred for these fish species to have in the tank. It provides few hiding places to sleep and also, these loaches do various stunts in the water. The decoration in the water should not have any sharp edge or any other corner that might damage the fish. Normally, the measurement for the Clownfish can be 180×60 cm or more if you want to keep pair or group together in one tank. The certain percentage of water should be replaced as per guidelines or instructions.

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